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Ad for our community...?

<*center><*a href=""*><*img src=""*><*/a*>

<*center>Join Weird Al Icons and show the little bit of Al that is in all of us!

Okay, well this is a colour bar made by midnightorca and I thought it might be a good advertisment for our community. You can put it in your user info, or something, but you HAVE TO TAKE OUT THE ASTERDISKS (*the star things*) So it should come out like this.

<center><a href=""><img src=""></a>

<center>Join Weird Al Icons and show the little bit of Al that is in all of us!

I DID NOT make this colour bar, midnightorca did. and if theres any problem with it being used, Tell me and i'll take it right off my photobucket.  Any comments on my Idea?. 


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